Dislocated Worker Program – Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

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Training and re-employment services for workers who have been laid off or for displaced homemakers.

The Dislocated Worker Program assists workers who are "dislocated" when they lose their job and are unlikely to return to their usual occupation or industry due to a plant closure, mass layoffs, foreign competition, or lack of demand for their skills. A worker can be "dislocated" if they are self-employed, but the economy or a natural disaster has put them out of work, such as farmers, ranchers, or people who fish for a living. A displaced homemaker who is either unemployed or working in a job that does not support the family may also be an eligible "dislocated worker".

There are many services available to dislocated workers, (although funding may be limited in some locations or at some times of the year). Services include job referrals, job search workshops (including internet job search training), skills assessment, free phones, fax, computers, and photocopiers to help in the job search, transportation assistance, job search childcare, relocation assistance, tools, uniforms and supplies required for the new job as well as tuition and other assistance to retrain in a new occupation.


  •  Recently lost a job through company downsizing or closure and are unlikely to return to their previous occupation or industry (or)
  •  Are about to be laid off due to a plant closure or mass layoff (or)
  •  Are formerly self-employed but now unemployed because of general economic conditions or natural disaster (or)
  •  Meet the definition of a displaced homemaker. Displaced homemakers are equally eligible for Dislocated Worker services if they have been dependent on the income of a family member but are no longer supported by that income and if they are experiencing difficulty obtaining or retaining employment.


How to apply: Contact your local WorkSource Center.

WorkSource Kittitas
510 N Pine St.
Ellensburg, WA 98926
FAX: 509-925-1004

WorkSource Yakima
1205 Ahtanum Ridge Drive
Union Gap, WA 98903

Main: (509) 574-0129

WorkSource Sunnyside
1925 Morgan Road
Sunnyside, WA 98944

Main: (509) 836-1106

Goldendale Employment & Training
116 East Main/PO Box 1400
Goldendale, WA 98620

Main: (509) 773-5503
Fax: (509) 773-3796
Cell: (509) 261-1461

Stevenson Employment & Training
704 SW Rock Creek Drive/PO Box 1490
Stevenson WA 98648

Main: (509) 261-1561
Fax: (509) 427-3640
Cell: (509) 261-1561

White Salmon Employment & Training
107 West Jewett Blvd. / PO Box 248
White Salmon WA 98672

Main: (509) 493-1210
Fax: (509) 493-5000

1B Dislocated Program

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